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Furnace Installation in Cherry Hill, NJ

New furnace installation can be stressful, but our team makes it easy. When it’s time to replace your old furnace with a newer model, we’re here to help. At Fresh Air Flow, we deliver a fast, easy installation that will leave your home more comfortable and energy-efficient.

You can reach out to us anytime to learn more about our furnace installations in Cherry Hill!

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Signs You Need a New Furnace

How long does a furnace last? It depends. Most are built to last 15-20 years, but boilers and electric furnaces can last from 20 to 30 years on average. Age aside, there are some other reasons it might be time to replace your furnace, such as:

Financing Options

Call us today to ask about our amazing financing options.  You may be able to get up to $25,000 and 10 years repayment at 0% financing rate and up to $3,500 in instant rebates.

Eligible Applicants May Receive Up to:

Benefits of Installing a New Furnace

Getting a new furnace may be a big expense, but it also comes with some great benefits to you and your home.

The most noticeable change homeowners report to us when they replace their furnace is lower energy costs. They’re often amazed at just how much money they were paying to keep their house heated with their older model.

Even if you regularly book services for a furnace, it will eventually wear down and need to be replaced. The best way to see a permanent improvement in your furnace’s energy efficiency is to get a new furnace that’s made with the latest technology.

A new furnace can improve your home’s climate control. Instead of constantly adjusting the thermostat, you can feel comfortable in every room all the time.

Warmer air should reduce humidity, not cause it. But an old furnace can increase indoor humidity, which makes your house feel wet and muggy, and increases the risk of mold. If you’re tired of battling with moisture in your home, consider replacing your old furnace with one that has better combustion efficiency and enhanced ventilation.

Get the Best From Carrier Furnaces

We specialize in installing furnaces from Carrier. They’re top-of-the-line models that include excellent performance, reliable comfort, and maximum energy efficiency.

Reasons to Work With Fresh Air Flow

Our team has spent over a decade servicing heaters throughout New Jersey. We deliver the best heater installation in Cherry Hill thanks to a skilled team and dedication to fast, reliable service.

Transparent Pricing

You’ll never have to guess how much a new furnace costs. Our team will give you a price estimate that includes the cost of the furnace itself plus the installation service. This also includes removing and disposing of your old furnace.

HVAC Experts

Our team of 15 certified technicians has spent years repairing, maintaining, and installing HVAC systems throughout New Jersey as well as the greater Philadelphia area. We take pride in our workmanship, and it shows in our customer service.

Timey Service

We always make it to an appointment on time. You’ll never be kept in the cold waiting for one of our technicians to arrive. In fact, we’re so committed to timeliness that we will perform your entire service for free if we ever arrive late.

Save Up to $1650 on a Carrier System Installation

If you buy a new Carrier furnace through us, you can save up to $1650 on the installation. Customers who purchase a Carrier Infinity system will also receive a free humidifier from us.

If you would like to set up an appointment with one of our HVAC technicians to discuss furnace installation in Cherry Hill, NJ, please call us at 888-509-3138. You can also book your service online! Click here to get in touch with us.

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Looking for our top-of-the-line comfort, performance and efficiency? Carrier gas furnaces monitor temperature and humidity, inside and out, then automatically vary furnace operation as needed to provide an ideal combination of comfort and energy efficiency.


96.5% AFUE heating efficiency
Fixed-speed inducer motor
Single-stage operation


96.7% AFUE heating efficiency
Two-speed inducer motor
Two-stage operation


96.5% AFUE heating efficiency
Two-speed inducer motor
Two-stage operation


80.0% AFUE heating efficiency
Fixed-speed inducer motor
Single-stage operation


92.1% AFUE heating efficiency
Single speed inducer motor
Single-stage operation

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