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How clean is the air inside your home? Mold, mildew, bacteria, pollen and dust are present in almost every home. When left unchecked, these allergens can negatively impact the health and comfort of your family. The experts at Fresh Air Flow have solutions to help combat these allergens and keep your family healthy. Call our office now to schedule a time to talk with one of our air quality experts about air cleaners and humidity control systems.

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UV light whole house air purifier

Although you may not be able to see, smell or touch it, air pollution impacts the health of everyone. Most homes are full of pollutants that can’t escape. They are locked inside and people breathe them, suffer from them and need to find a solution for them. The Environmental Protection Agency has found indoor air is always two to five times more polluted than the worst outdoor air. You may not be able to see, smell or touch it, but air pollution is impacting the health of your family.

Here are a few of the ways you can improve the air quality in your home:

Without proper humidity levels in your home, itchy skin, dry throats, respiratory problems, and static shock are all too common during the winter months. While humidity can make things uncomfortable during the summer time, it is a necessary part of comfortable living during the cold winter months. Our whole home humidifiers are installed on your furnace and can be installed with an automatic control. With an automatic humidity control, you never have to worry about making the proper adjustments.

Our air quality technicians can provide regular maintenance to your heating and air conditioning systems, cleaning or changing air filters several times per year. Ask about specialty filters for homes with medical needs, such as allergies or asthma.

Air cleaners improve air quality to removing harmful pollutants, such as smoke, mold, viruses and allergens, from the air. Whole house systems, which are more efficient than portable models, are added to your heating and cooling system and trap and filter pollutants. They come with HEPA technology for improved filtration, carbon filtration for gaseous pollutants or UV light for disinfection depending on your family’s needs.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for service or a free estimate on installation of a new indoor air quality system in your home. Our air quality technician analyzes your home for infiltration problem spots and makes recommendations for the right equipment to keep your air safe and clean.


Whole-house humidifiers simply use the blower motor of your furnace to drive moisture vapor into your home’s ductwork. Easy to maintain, our bypass humidifiers require only an annual water panel change. When you see just how much our humidifiers can improve air quality, there won’t be a dry eye in the house. No one likes too much humidity. But too little can be just as irritating, especially in winter. When humidity drops too low, you might notice sore throats, chapped lips, itchy skin and sinus problems. You also might notice dry wood in your furniture – which can lead to long-term damage. Enjoy the air you breathe. A properly humidified home can help you breathe more comfortably with less dryness, save on energy costs, reduce static electricity, and even help protect your wood furniture.


DeHumidifiers are designed to make sure your house humidity is properly leveled. High humidity lever can cause many issues like mold growth and musty smell in your basement and home. As your system runs, the dehumidifier pulls air in using the return ducts, dehumidifies it, and sends dry air back into your rooms. Popular installation locations include an equipment room or closet, your basement, or your attic. Hanging installation is also possible. Many homes have weak foundation causing water leaks that create a high humidity in basements area, this problem can cause serious mold issue. Please call us now if you have mold and musty smell in your home. Our licensed HVAC technicians would love to come and diagnose your problem free of charge.

HEPA filters

If you’ve been holding your breath for cleaner air, the wait is over. Our air purifier systems trap and kill bacteria, viruses, allergens and other pollutants in the conditioned air – and keep them out of the air your family breathes. With every cycle of air that passes through this patented air purifying system, pollen, animal dander, smoke, bacteria and other pollutants are trapped and held tightly to the filter. According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) our homes are five times dirtier then the outside air. Dust & pollen together with bacteria growth can create respiratory illnesses, like asthma and allergies symptoms. Today you can easily improve your indoor air quality buy just installing HEPA filter media in your central HVAC system. Call fresh air flow today and we’ll be happy to send you more information about different models we offer on sale.

UV lights

Ultra violet lights for HVAC systems are the only mold growth protection you can have in your air handler/furnace location. UV lights for HVAC systems are designed to protect your indoor coil from having living bacteria, like mold growth on your AC coil. Indoor air conditioning coils tend get mold due to a over time usage mixed with dirt and moisture. Spreading contaminant air throughout your home and can cause many health issues over time. UV light for HVAC create a screen of radiation above your indoor air conditioning coil, this spectrum of light kill and prevent any kind of bacteria growth, keeps your coil clean with very minimal maintenance. IMPORTANT: There are many brands out there but only handful of them are really strong enough to get the job done. Call Fresh Air Flow today and we’ll be glad to share our professional opinion with you.

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