PSE&G HVAC Instant Rebate Program

Making Your Home Efficient, One Breath at a Time

Tired of high energy bills heating up your summers and freezing your budget in winter? Nearly half of your home’s energy costs come from your HVAC system. Fresh Air Flow is here to offer you comfort, quality, and significant savings—while doing something great for the environment.

Your Ticket to Instant Savings: Partnering with PSE&G

We’ve teamed up with PSE&G to bring you an unbeatable offer The Residential HVAC Instant Rebate Program. This program allows you to opt for an ENERGY STAR® certified system and snag an instant rebate of up to $1,050! Feel the Fresh Air and the freedom of savings with this special program.

Ready to Breathe Easier? Here's How:

Step 1: Chat with Us

As one of the few local PSE&G-approved contractors, we’ll walk you through your options, installation procedures, and make getting your rebate effortless.

Step 2: Pay Your Way with Flexible On-Bill Repayment Plans

  • For PSE&G Electric & Gas Customers: Stretch your repayment up to 84 months for projects less than $25,000.
  • For Non-PSE&G Utility Customers: Get an 84-month repayment term for projects up to $15,000.
  • Low-to-Moderate Income Households: There are special terms tailored just for you!

What You Can Expect From Fresh Air Flow

After confirming your eligibility, we’ll:

  • Schedule a hassle-free installation time.
  • Guide you through PSE&G’s convenient on-bill repayment options.
  • Discuss extra incentives for Low- to Moderate-Income (LMI) households.

Your Savings, Multiplied: Special Offers for LMI Households

We believe everyone should enjoy the benefits of a high-efficiency HVAC system. That’s why we offer an additional $200 per eligible upgrade for qualifying low- to moderate-income households. This applies if you:

  • Live in a qualifying income census tract.
  • Participate in state or federal aid programs, such as LIHEAP, SNAP, or Section 8.
  • Earn up to 400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Ready to make the switch and breathe easy with a high-efficiency HVAC system?
Contact Fresh Air Flow today and start experiencing a world of savings and comfort!


South Jersey Gas Instant Rebate Program

Make Your South Jersey Home an Oasis of Comfort and Savings!

Why Upgrade?

Looking to give your home’s HVAC or water heater a fresh upgrade? As your local, trusted HVAC contractor, we’re thrilled to offer you the chance to switch to Energy Star® certified high-efficiency systems for both incredible comfort and amazing energy savings.

Instant Savings

  • HVAC Systems: Save up to $1,500 with our instant rebates!
  • Water Heaters: Get up to $500 back instantly on eligible models!

Zero Worries with 0% APR Financing

We understand that upgrading your home is a big investment. That’s why together with South Jersey Gas, we offer:


  • Exclusive On-Bill Repayment Program
  • 0% APR financing up to $15,000
  • Financing terms for 7 years

How to Get Started: It's Simple!

  1. Choose Fresh Air Flow: Your local participating contractor—that’s us!
  2. Secure Financing: Apply for our exclusive 0% APR On-Bill Repayment Program if needed.
  3. Installation & Rebate: We’ll handle the installation and guide you through the rebate process—easy peasy!

Extra Savings: Attention Low to Moderate Income Households!

  • Qualify for an additional $200 incentive on each piece of qualifying equipment.

Got Questions? We're Here to Help!

  • Email Us: Feel free to shoot us an email.
  • Download Brochure: Get all the details by downloading our Program Brochure.
  • Call Us for any queries.

Don't Delay—Upgrade Today!

Give your home the comfort and efficiency it deserves while enjoying wallet-friendly savings. Choose Fresh Air Flow, and let’s make your home a better place to live!


Unlock Energy Savings with Atlantic City Electric’s HVAC Instant Rebate Program!

Why Consider an HVAC Upgrade?

Did you know that almost half of your home’s energy costs come from heating and cooling? Especially if your HVAC system is older than 10 years, switching to a high-efficiency unit could trim your energy bills by a good 20%*.

Instant Rebates You Can't Resist: Save Up to $1,200!

As your local HVAC experts, we here at Fresh Air Flow are thrilled to partner with Atlantic City Electric to offer an instant rebate program that puts up to $1,200 back in your pocket when you go green with a new, energy-efficient HVAC system. Got multiple units at home? You might be eligible for even more rebates! Just talk to us, your neighborhood certified HVAC pros, for a hassle-free and compliant installation.

Zero-Interest Financing? Yes, Please!

Looking to break down the cost? We’ve got your back! Opt for our recommended energy-efficient upgrades, and you could snag a 0% interest loan.

Pocket Extra Savings with Federal Tax Credits

Take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act** and save even more! You could score federal tax credits that cover up to 30% of the costs for ENERGY STAR® certified hybrid water heaters and air source heat pumps. That’s an extra $2,000 in your pocket!

Special Offers for Low to Moderate Income Families

Eligible on a budget? You could qualify for an additional $200 off per qualifying HVAC unit (except smart thermostats and furnace fans). Talk to us to confirm your eligibility.

Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Your Old HVAC?

If your system’s over a decade old, it’s probably eating into your energy savings. Don’t wait for it to break down—check in with us to see if a high-efficiency upgrade is the right move for you.

How to Claim Your Rebates

Getting your rebates is a breeze. Simply apply through:

  • Online Application: It’s as easy as pie on our user-friendly portal.

Don't Miss Out!

Talk to Fresh Air Flow, your trusted local HVAC contractor, and upgrade your HVAC system today.

* Percentage varies based on several factors. Consult us for details.
** Subject to Federal regulations and availability. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.


Inflation Reduction Act Credits For Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

Go Green, Save Green: Expanded Home Energy Tax Credits Await You!

Hey there, neighbor! This is Fresh Air Flow, your local HVAC pros. We’ve got some fantastic news that can make your home not only more comfortable but also lighter on your wallet! The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has rolled out some sweet incentives for homeowners like you who choose to go greener. Let’s dive right in!

Why You Should Listen Up:

  • Snag Tax Credits: We’re talking about the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit and the Residential Clean Energy Credit. You get to claim these the year you make qualifying upgrades. How cool is that?
  • Not Just for Homeowners: Whether you own your primary residence, a vacation home, or even if you’re a renter, you’re eligible.
  • Check First, Buy Second: Before investing, pop over to to see if you meet the criteria. And for a handy side-by-side comparison, check out

Get Rewarded for Making Your Home a Fresh Air Haven

Up to $3,200 Back with the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit!

Starting January 1, 2023, give your home an eco-friendly makeover and bag yourself a hefty tax credit. Here’s what could get you in the green:

  • Central air conditioners, efficient water heaters, and furnaces—oh my!
  • Heat pumps, biomass stoves, and home energy audits can also help you score some credit.

Little Rules, Big Picture:

  • Credits are maxed out at $1,200 for specific improvements.
  • Per door, you’re looking at a $250 credit and a $500 cap. Window credits go up to $600. Home Energy Audits could nab you another $150.
  • On qualified heat pumps and biomass stoves, you can get an additional $2,000 per year.
  • This isn’t for new builds, sorry folks. Existing homes and renos only.
  • These are nonrefundable credits, so they won’t roll over or give you a refund check.

Boost Your Savings: Residential Clean Energy Credit

Ready to go to the next level? Invest in clean energy gadgets like solar, wind, or geothermal equipment, and get a whopping 30% back in tax credits.

Eligible Goodies:

  • Solar-powered electric panels and water heaters
  • Wind turbines
  • Geothermal heat pumps
  • Fuel cells
  • New for 2023: Battery storage technology

Some Quick Rules:

  • Solar water heaters need proper certification, and geothermal heat pumps must be Energy Star-approved.
  • Battery tech should have a minimum capacity of 3 kWh.
    No dollar limit here, except for fuel cells.
  • Credits start phasing out in 2033 and are also nonrefundable, but you can carry the excess forward.

Ready to Cash In?

When tax season rolls around, remember Form 5695 is your friend for claiming these credits. Keep all your receipts and records—you’ll need ’em!

For more detailed info, head on over to

So why wait? Let Fresh Air Flow help you make the most of these incredible tax incentives. Give us a shout today, and let’s make your home the freshest it can be while keeping that hard-earned money where it belongs—in your pocket!

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