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Boiler Repair in Cherry Hill, NJ

If you find yourself in need of boiler repair in Cherry Hill, our team can help. The boiler is essential to keeping your house comfortable, but when it stops working, you can face chilly temperatures and even a risk of water damage. By working with us, you can quickly resolve your boiler problems.

Boilers are more common in older homes that use radiators, but there are still reasons to get a boiler today. Many homeowners still rely on a boiler for heating, and they’re critical to staying warm and safe during the cold winter months in New Jersey.

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5 Signs You Should Call Us for Boiler Repair

Boilers are known for their durability, and sometimes, homeowners overlook warning signs of trouble. They may think that a squeaky boiler or even some leaking is just a normal sign of aging, but this isn’t the case.

Whenever you notice strange sounds or leaks from your boiler, it’s best to contact a professional. Other signs to watch out for include:

When a boiler has low pressure, it may reach the point where it won’t turn on. You could also have issues with the filter or electrical connection. Sometimes, a boiler fuel shortage can also be to blame. No matter what the case is, one of our technicians will perform a thorough inspection and provide you with the right solution.

When boilers get on in years, they can develop scale deposits that stop hot water from reaching your heating pipes. Routine boiler maintenance is the best way to prevent this from affecting your home. If we find that scale deposits are your issue, we can perform an in-depth cleaning to get your boiler back in shape.

Boilers may start to rattle and make loud noises when there’s an issue inside the tank. Popping can also occur if there is too much iron or sediment build-up. A loud bang when you turn on your boiler requires emergency boiler repair in New Jersey, as this indicates a risk of tank failure or, in severe cases, an explosion. 

Don’t panic — most modern boilers are built with safety features that cause them to shut down before anything catastrophic happens. But you should still seek out a professional when you hear banging or other sounds to avoid boiler failure. 

Rising energy bills usually signal an issue with your boiler. If you haven’t changed your heating habits, then you shouldn’t notice major upticks in price every year. Let us take a look at your boiler to find out if there are any internal issues causing the change in price.

We help homeowners save an average of 33% every year on their heating and cooling expenses thanks to our expert repairs and maintenance service!

A metallic odor coming from your boiler is a good reason to get boiler repair in Cherry Hill, NJ. This usually means that there is a fuel leak, and you should contact your gas company immediately. Leave the home, bring your pets with you, and give us a call as you wait for PSEG or your gas provider to arrive on the scene.

We will work to make sure that your boiler is completely safe to operate by patching any leaks and replacing parts as needed. Never overlook this warning sign.

Another potential cause of a sulfur smell from a boiler is a damaged sacrificial anode. This is the part of your boiler that runs through the tank to protect your boiler from corrosion. It’s replaced every year to three years as part of regular boiler service; if yours hasn’t been replaced in a while, then you should give us a call ASAP.

Get a Free Boiler Service Call From Fresh Air Flow!

We’re happy to offer first-time heating customers a free boiler inspection from a certified HVAC technician. Tell us any problems you’ve noticed with your boiler, and we’ll perform a comprehensive inspection before recommending solutions.

Please note we do not offer free service for any oil systems.

If you book today, you can expect us to arrive promptly and, in many cases, make same-day repairs that get your boiler back in working order!

Schedule Boiler Repair Anytime in Cherry Hill

Our team is always available to offer routine and emergency boiler repair. You can contact us at Fresh Air Flow by calling 888-509-3138 or book your service online. We’re here to answer all your boiler questions and help you find the right solutions for your home. You can count on us to put your comfort first! 

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